Five star cruise ship - MARINER OF THE SEAS arrived at Chan May port
Ngày cập nhật 01/11/2016

On October 13th morning, the 5 star international cruise ship - MARINER OF THE SEAS produced by Royal Caribbean with 3.100 international tourists and over 1.100 sailors on board arrived at Chan May port.

The Mariner of the Seas is one of the ships in Voyager class of American Royal Caribbean International Group. This 15-floor cruise ship is 315 meters long, 52 meters wide. It weighs 138.000 ton and is able to accommodate up to 3.114 tourists and 1.185 sailors. The Mariner of the Seas is compared as a five star floating hotel with advanced services, such as theater, ice rink, golf simulator and shops from famous brands of perfume, handbag, watch…

After arriving at Chan May port, tourists visited places of interest and famous historical sites in Hue, Hoi An and Danang… At 6 a.m, October 13th, Mariner of the Seas left Chan May port and continued its voyage to Ho Chi Minh City and Hong Kong.

As reported by Chan May Port Joint Stock Company, this year Chan May port has welcomed 22 ships with more than 40.000 international tourists and nearly 15.000 sailors. There are also luxurious international cruise ships as Voyager of the Seas and Mariner of the Seas which arrived and carried 23.000 international tourists and nearly 9.000 sailors to visit places of interest discover culture and cuisine of provinces in Central region.


Tourists visit Hue and Danang
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