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Vice Chairman of the provincial People's Committee Phan Thien Dinh receives Japan-Vietnam Friendship Association in Ibaraki prefecture (Japan)
Ngày cập nhật 29/11/2019

On November 22nd, Vice Chairman of the provincial People's Committee Phan Thien Dinh received the delegation from Japan-Vietnam Friendship Association (JVFA) in Ibaraki prefecture headed by Ms. Yamaguchi Yachie – the Chairwoman of Ibaraki JVFA.

At the reception, Ms. Yamaguchi Yachie briefly introduced the Association. Accordingly, it is one of the associations established by Japan-Vietnam Friendship Association in 1967. Later, the two countries established diplomatic relation in 1973. Ibaraki JVFA has made several contributions to promoting the cooperation relation between Ibaraki prefecture and Vietnam, accelerating cultural exchange, supporting overseas Vietnamese living in Japan, facilitating Ibaraki prefecture's businesses investing in Vietnam. So far, the Association has sent 23 friendship delegations to Vietnam.

At the meeting, Ms. Yamaguchi Yachie expressed her pleasure and extended her sincere thank to local leaders for the warm welcome. Local natural beauty and scenery also left a good impression on the representative of Japan - Vietnam Friendship Association. Discussing with local leaders, Ms. Yamaguchi Yachie introduced potentials and strengths of Ibaraki prefecture. Accordingly, its plus points are high-tech agriculture, mechanical engineering, etc. Tsukuna area, part of Ibaraki prefecture is home to high-tech training and research facilities. In an attempt to expand the cooperation relation with Thua Thien Hue province, Ms. Yamaguchi Yachie and delegates wished to eye investment environment, promote economic and cultural exchange activities between the two localities in the coming time. On this visit, the delegation also worked with Hue University of Foreign Languages, awarded gifts to children in difficult circumstances in An Tay Children Protection Center.

In recent years, Japan - Vietnam Friendship Association has organized cultural exchange activities in Hue University of Foreign Languages. Every year, students from three universities of Ibaraki prefecture joined in cultural exchange and social activities held in Hue University of Foreign Languages.

On behalf of provincial leaders, Vice Chairman Phan Thien Dinh extended his sincere thank to Japan - Vietnam Friendship Association for supporting Hue University of Foreign Languages and helping children from difficult background in An Tay Children Protection Center.

As the province aims to develop the city of heritage, culture, green and sustainable development, Japan is one of the leading partners in investment cooperation and local economy. Vice Chairman hoped that Ibaraki Japan - Vietnam Friendship Association would accelerate cooperation activities among localities, encourage Ibaraki businesses to eye investment opportunities in the province in the coming time.

At the meeting

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